Closing the Book on Frankford Square

Closing the Book on Frankford Square

Frankford Square TownhousesFrankford Square TownhousesFrankford Square Townhouses

The final property closing for Frankford Square on June 8 marks the completion of a landmark project for AGA Developers. 

Frankford Square, a mixed-use, 21-unit development constructed on Blair Street and Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, features luxury townhomes with off street parking. The seven townhomes on Frankford Avenue are above first-floor retail. 

Townhouses in Fishtown and Kensington Include Off Street Parking and Other Amenities

Frankford Square features amenities that AGA Developers has become well-known for through this project, Trenton Stables and the forthcoming South Square development in South Kensington—gourmet kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows, spacious decks and customizable finishes throughout. 

AGA specializes in Gourmet Kitchens

Frank Mazzio, our Construction Director, is very proud of designing custom features for all AGA projects. Frank works hand-in-hand with home buyers during construction to ensure everything is perfect.

A hot item that home buyers always want to have the perfect gourmet kitchen. From custom granite countertops to hardwood floors and cabinets, AGA Developers wishes to create a unique gourmet kitchen where any homeowner would be proud to host a dinner party.

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To learn more about AGA Developers' latest projects or custom gourmet kitchens, contact Frank Mazzio at